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Ultrasonic soldering automatic machine

Ultrasonic Line Soldering and ribbon bonding tool USK-Line-5000/8500

We have produced ultrasonic line soldering tool for mass-production in the fields of thin-film solar cells, organic EL, dynamic glass, and automotive glass. Enabled extraction of electrons and application of voltage by pre-soldering the glass with ultrasonic waves and bonding the special electrode material, CERARIBBON.

Ultrasonic dot soldering and CERARIBBON dot bonding tool USK-Dot-1200/6000

We have produced more than 30 units of ultrasonic line soldering equipment for mass-production of amorphous silicon solar cells. Voltage can be applied by pre-soldering on the glass with ultrasonic sound and bonding a special electrode material, CERARIBBON.

Ultrasonic round sputter Target Bonding tool USK-Bonding-1200

Ultrasonic soldering enables bonding to most backing plates and sputtering targets. We are capable of developing automatic equipment for planar sputter targets, round sputter targets, and rotary sputter targets.

Ultrasonic Dipping with parts scudding ACSS-Scudding-2900

Enables soldering to components by inserting the components into an ultrasonic dip tank and applying ultrasonic sound from the sides. Automatic operation can be supported by adding roll-to-roll or handlers.

Static ultrasonic soldering tank – KDB series

Best selling KDB series of ultrasonic dip tank. Used for preliminary solder coating on aluminum wires or superconducting wires such as niobium-titanium alloys or fiber optic cables, etc.

Ultrasonic soldering device (Handy type) SUNBONDER


The SUNBONDER USM-5 series is a standard ultrasonic soldering device. Used for flux-free soldering to glass and ceramics, and for bonding sputter target materials. Available in 60kHz/40kHz/28kHz lineup, corresponding to the size of the tip.

Special solder CERASOLZER

World’s only solder which is solderable to glass. With more than 60 years of experience since its development, it has been used in a wide variety of applications around the world. Ultrasonic soldering device SUNBONDER is required for bonding CERASOLZER.

Automated systems (Part mounter / Image inspection system)

Part mounter for precise equipment

We have been developing part mounter for HDD for more than 40 years. We have developed and manufactured automatic equipment such as image inspection system for automotive batteries, laser processing machines, and micro-lens mounter. The mounter for the micro-drive used in the iPod is one of these.

High precision CCD camera system

Based on the Cognex image processing library, we have created internally an original image processing software equipped with OCR (Optical Character Reader), angle measurement, position adjusting, error sorting and other similar features. We provide consultations on best possible setting of cameras and lighting equipment necessary to obtain the best possible image quality.

Automated labeler

Labels are removed from their base paper and placed on the desired surface (frame) with high precision.
The process can include additional work steps, such as introducing and discharging the frame.
Also available with automated adjustment in relation to designated position.


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