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Sputter Target material

Target materials used for sputtering of ITO, TCO, and evaporation films are manufactured in the following process.
Our ultrasonic soldering technology is used in the process of bonding the target to the backing plate.

(1)Pretreatment Target mask, back side processing, cleaning, used target peeling, etc.
(2)Bonding Apply solder to target and backing plate to bond them.
(3)Warpage correction Warp correction after solder solidified.
(4)Inspection Measure equilibrium and adhesion.
(5)Finishing Blasting and polishing.
(6)Appearance inspection Check for stains and scratches
(7)Vacuum pack Vacuum packing with laminated film

For the target lamination, it used to be necessary to use a wire brush to apply dissolved indium over the entire surface while removing the oxide film on the material surface.
These processes can now be omitted with the technological revolution in ultrasonic soldering that we introduced 20 years ago, making it easier to laminate targets.
The dramatic increase in productivity has reduced material loss, which not only benefits our customers but also contributes to energy conservation and environmental sustainability.
Today, the application of ultrasonic soldering technology to the bonding of target materials has become an industry standard, and we are still leading the way.


Target material


Melted indium (“Cerasolzer” may also be used) is placed on the base material and applied to the entire surface while spreading it with an ultrasonic soldering iron.

Equipment type

The following equipment is available for target lamination.
Please feel free to ask us for more details.

Ultrasonic soldering iron SUNBONDER USM-528

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View product specifications

Planer target automatic applicator


Pate top

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