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Large-sized equipment

  • How about consumables for your equipment?

    Purchase parts, processing parts, raw materials (solder) and so on are all being handled by our company, and available for purchasing when necessary.

  • What’s your maintenance scheme?

    Generally, we respond to all requests as we receive them.It takes time to respond depending on the customer’s location, but in urgent cases we can facilitate our overseas group companies to help solve your problems.

  • Is it possible to use your equipment abroad?

    We have clients in China, Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Europe and USA.However, we might have some difficulties in supplying to certain areas, so please inquire beforehand.

  • Is it possible to get a customized device?

    Our products are basically customized.After careful consideration of customer’s needs, we present possible solutions to get the best final result.

  • Is there a standard item for your device list?

    ‘Sunbonder’ is the standard item for our ultrasonic soldering solutions.

  • What kind of equipment have you developed up to date?

    Stand-alone equipment and automated line production machines.We specialize in precise assembly devices, high precision imaging systems, and ultrasonic soldering devices.

  • I’d like to make sure whether I can solder the material I wish to use, before I make the purchase.

    In case of ultrasonic soldering devices such as Sunbonder,we conduct soldering tests to which the potential customer is kindly invited.

Ultrasonic soldering device SUNBONDER

  • What’s the warranty period for Sunbonder?

    1 year of warranty for any defects appearing while using the device according to its purpose as specified in user manual.However, soldering tips and heaters are only subject to warranty (free exchange/repair) in case of defects recognized right after purchase.

  • What should I do if my device breaks down and needs repair?

    First, please contact us via web contact form.Please specify product name, serial number (can be found on a licence plate in the back of Sunbonder) and sympthoms in order to ensure smooth processing of your inquiry.

  • I’d like to make sure whether it’s possible to solder on certain materials before proceeding with the purchase.

    Before processing orders for Sunbonder or other utlrasonic soldering devices, we encourage prospective customers to submit substrate samples for test soldering, or to join us during trials.

  • What is the lead time for Sunbonder?

    Since we require some time to customize each piece of the equipment prior to shipment,
    the goods are usually shipped out within 2 weeks after order recipt.

  • How should I select a soldering tip for my Sunbonder?

    It depends on the kind of work you wish to do with it. In case of the USM-560 tips, you should take into consideration the shape and wire diameter of the tip.
    Tip diameter: Φ1.0mm~4.0mm (step: 0.5mm)
    Shape: tapered tip or straight tip.
    (Please refer to the photographs of USM-560 soldering tips.)
    If you don’t specify any particular tip size and shape, the standard one we apply is the Φ4.0 mm, tapered tip.
    USM-528 tip size is 10.0mm x 50.0mm, and the USM-540 one: Φ10.0 mm.
    Please feel free to ask us for more information on customized tips, or in case of any further questions.

  • What does the Sunbonder set contain?

    Please refer to subpage for each product type.

  • What’s the difference between Sunbonder USM-560 and the older types?

    We have improved many points of USM-560, compared to the third and fourth generation of Sunbonder.Thanks to automatic monitoring of oscillation, the customer can enjoy the most exact settings of the device.Furthermore, monitoring and control of the soldering tip temperature has also been employed.Since the production of older types of Sunbonder has already ended, we will only supply then until the stock runs out. However, we continue to provide spare parts and after-service support.

  • Please explain the product line-up for Sunbonder.

    We currently provide the following types of Sunbonder: USM-560, USM-540, and USM-528.The difference between those types lay mainly in soldering tip size, output power and oscillation frequency.(USM-560=60KHz,USM-540=40KHz,USM-528KHz)

  • Does your company differ in any way from other manufacturers providing ultrasonic soldering devices?

    Our company does more than simply develop ultrasonic soldering devices. We provide a whole range of services, from designing soldering devices and materials,to overseas installations at the customer’s site, and possess all the necessary know-how. Moreover, our vast knowledge of all the elements of the process enables us to promptly react to any problems within the production line, and solve it easily.

  • Please tell me more about the ultrasonic soldering mechanism.

    By means of ultrasonic soldering, the air particles within the solder rupture, and the shockwave raised at that moment dissolves any oxidations, dirt, resin particles etc. on the surface of substrate, enabling the creation of a more stable and reliable bond. Ultrasonic soldering facilitates diffusion and oxidation.

  • What is the lead time for Cerasolzer?

    In case of ordering from abroad,it takes about 10 days from receiving your order.Please ask exact delivery date to your agency or us.

  • Where does the ultrasonic soldering find use?

    For instance: ferrule bonding of fiber components, pre-soldering of aluminum temrinal onto electronic components, bonding of sputtering target materials, pre-soldering of aluminum vias,
    soldering on alumite goods, or creating electrodes on solar cells and organic ELs.

  • Why is it necessary to use ultrasonic soldering?

    Ultrasonic soldering creates cavitation effect:a mechanism allowing soldering on glass by eliminating air particles within the solder as well as removing resin/dust particles from the surface of the substrate.

  • Is there any relation between ultrasounds and sounds?

    Ultrasonic soldering is the type during which the solder tip vibrates on a frequency higher than 20kHz.The sound length audible to men is generally below the frequency of 20kHz.

Soldering materials (Cerasolzer series, Ceraribbon)

  • Is it possible to get the MSDS for Cerasolzer?

    We can send the MSDS by email. Feel free to contact us in that regard.(Japanese or English only)

  • How long is Cerasolzer?

    The length differs depending on the product code, its weight and thickness.For instance, the same 150g of solder translates to 2275 cm of #186, and 1769 cm of #297.Feel free to contact us directly and ask for more details.

  • What’s the shape of Cerasolzer?

    It’s usually a coil, but it can also be a stick or a ribbon, or other atypical shape – feel free to inquire about more details.

  • What to the numbers in Cerasolzer product code stand for?

    They indicate the melting point. For instance, #186 has its melting point at 186 degrees Celsius, #217 – at 217 Celsius, etc.

  • What constitues Cerasolzer?

    Cerasolze Eco consists of Sn-Zn, In, Sb and Al.

  • What types of materials can I bond while using Cerasolzer and Sunbonder?

    Glass, ceramics, nitrides, carbides, tungsten, molybdenum – almost all materials previously deemed unsolderable,
    as long as there’s a thin oxidized layer on their surface.

  • Can I use a solder other than Cerasolzer with my Sunbonder?

    Yes, although that would limit your soldering capabilities to standard, soft materials, such as copper, gold etc.

  • Why does Cerasolzer stick on glass?

    Typical solder creates an alloy with the substrate after it’s been heated up to a temperature over its melting point.
    As opposed to that, Cerasolzer (Cerasolzer/Cerasolzer Eco) contains metal that react easily with oxygen,
    and creates a bond with the oxidized layer on the surface of the substrate.

  • What’s the difference between Cerasolzer and typical kinds of solder?

    As opposed to a standard soldering technique that creates diffusion bond (alloying) with the substrate,Cerasolzer contains easily oxidated metals which connect to the oxidized surface of the substrate.That’s why it’s a perfect choice for soldering on glass, ceramics, and other materials that weren’t considered easily solderable until now. “Glass soldering mechanism with Cerasolzer”

  • What’s the product line-up for Cerasolzer series?

    Basically, we have two main product lines: Cerazolder, which uses lead, and a Pb free Cerasolzer Eco.Among those, models #186, #224, #246, #297 (Cerasolzer), #155, #182 and #217 (Cerasolze Eco) are available. (The numbers indicate melting point in each models.) For details,

Purchasing our products

  • Is it possible to begin the transaction without an account opened?

    There are some limitations, but it is possible.

  • What’s the typical purchase route?

    You can buy our devices directly at our company, or through one of our distributors. Please contact us if you need a reference address/contact details for our distributors.


  • What’s your product impact on the environment?

    For instance, our Pb free Cerasolzer Eco fulfills all RoHS requirements,
    while remaining a remarkably well-developed product that can easily match other typically used solder types.


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