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Solder coating aluminum motor wire

In recent years, the demand for energy conservation and clean energy has been increasing, especially competition of the development of lighter weight automobiles has been increasing among manufacturers.
As a means of weight reduction for often used parts, such as cable harnesses and motors, the trend toward weight reduction by replacing copper wire with aluminum wire is accelerating.

Aluminum wire is suitable for weight reduction, but it has problems such as being easily stretched, breaking when pulled, difficult to solder, and prone to electrolytic corrosion.
Our ultrasonic soldering technology is the solution to these problems, can easily removes the strong oxide film on the aluminum surface and solves the problem of difficulty in attaching solder.

To apply solder to aluminum materials, it is common practice to use strong acid flux to remove the oxide film on the surface, and then apply the solder using solder for aluminum. However, the flux used here not only causes damage to the surrounding environment but also requires a cleaning process. In addition, if any residue remains in the cleaning process, it can have negative effects such as causing rust.
Ultrasonic soldering is flux-free and eliminates cleaning process.

Our product " Static ultrasonic dip soldering tank KDB-150" is widely used for pre-soldering the wire-bundle part of terminals of the aluminum wires of electric fans.


  • Aluminum motor wire
  • IH cooking heater coil aluminum wire
  • Aluminum terminals for electronic components


By dipping the terminals of motor aluminum wire in the ultrasonic soldering dip tank and generating ultrasonic wave in soldering solution, the cavitation effect removes the oxide film on the aluminum wire surface and allows the solder to diffusively bond.


Static ultrasonic dip soldering tank KDB-150

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Ultrasonic Dipping with parts scudding ACSS-Scudding-2900

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