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Komura-Tech Co., Ltd.

Komura-Tech Co., Ltd.


Company History

Giving shape to curiosity

Komura-Tech’s history began as a one of Kuroda Electric’s divisions.
Kuroda Electric is widely known as ‘manufacturing trading company’.
Komura-Tech embraces this spirit, setting out to embrace new challenges.

Before merging Kuroda Electric

1956 establishing production division of Kuroda Industry Co., Ltd.
1963 establishing Kuroda Chemicals Co., Ltd. from a merger with Kuroda Electric’s paint division.
1977 merger with Kuroda Electric.

Kuroda Electric’s time

1980 introducting ultrasonic soldering technology by Asahi Glass.
1980 begin supplying of ultrasonic soldering devices.
1980 developing the first ever high-speed chip mounter.
1982 introduction of analog hard disc inspection tool.
1985 beginning of cooperation with Toshiba to develop solder-bump technology (received highest praise at specialized technical conference).
1985~1988 development and sales of stand-still ulstrasonic soldering machine (KDB-100).
1985~1988 developing light fiber and ferrule bonding agent, in cooperation with NTT.
1986 development and sales of Finebonder.
1988 start of Sunbonder USM-IV sales.
1992 start of solar cell electrode printing support technology.
1994 start of supplying automatic equipment for thin film solar cells production.
1995 receiving ISO 9001/14001.
1996 start of supplying CRT electrodes spreading equipment.
2000 overtaking Cerasolzer business from Asahi Glass.

Kuroda Techno as a separate entity

2000 Kuroda Techno separates from Kuroda Electric, with the latter holding 100% of its shares. Capital set at 100 mln JPY.
2001 start of Cerasolzer (Eco) sales.
2003 start of supplying automatic assembly equipment for iPod HDD.
2003 moving the HQ to West Shinjuku, Tokyo.
2003 merger with Kuroda High-Tech Co., Ltd.; joint capital of 200 mln JPY.
2005 moving the HQ to Kuroda Electric Co., Ltd. location in Shinagawa, Tokyo.
2005 establishing KCA Co., Ltd. in China.
2006 start of supplying fully automatic HDD assembly devices.
2009 moving the HQ from Tokyo to Yokohama.
2009 construction of solar industry-dedicated factory on company grounds.
2010 Ceraribbon devised as solar industry-related consumable material.
2011 Sunbonder devised as ultrasonic soldering device.
2011 taking part in Intersolar exhibition in Germany.
2011 taking part in 4th International Solar Industry Exhibition – PV Expo2011.
2012 releasing Sunbonder 5-series: USM-540 and USM-528.
2019 Transfer of printing machine business from Komura Tech.
2024 April 1, 2024, Kuroda Techno Co., Ltd. was merged with Komura-Tech Co., Ltd. a subsidiary of the Kuroda Group.


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Komura-Tech Co., Ltd.


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