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Special Solder CERASOLZER


Special Solder Cerasolza is the world’s first special solder that can attach to glass.
We provide both Cerasolzer Eco (Pb-free) and a Cerasolzer (Pb-based).

The Cerasolzer series features a special formula and ultrasonic soldering technology that achieve perfect bonding to glass and ceramics.
(*Ultrasonic soldering requires our ultrasonic soldering machine, Sunbonder.)

It achieves bonding to low-solderability materials, such as glass, ceramic substrates,aluminum, tungsten, molybdenum and titanium.
In addition, the cavitation effect of ultrasonic waves activates the molten solder surface and removes the oxide film, flux is not required.

  • No need for any pre-treatment (vapor deposition or heating) to the substrate surface.
  • Ultrasonic soldering uses cavitation phenomenom instead of chemical agent (flux).
  • Suitable for bonding almost all “low-solderability” materials.
  • Preventing voids.
  • Different solder melting points are available from 155°C to 297 °C.

Fig.1 Pb-Sn system phase diagram, melting point and model no. of Cerasolzer.

Fig.2 Sn-Zn system phase diagram, melting point and model no. of Cerasolzer.


  • Glass-ceramics

    We have made it possible to bond materials that were once thought to be impossible to solder.

  • Soldering

    Stainless steel can be bonded as if it were a normal soldering process. No welding or other qualifications are required.

  • Soldering

    We have made it possible to solder to superconducting wires such as niobium-titanium alloys used in MRI and linear motors.

This product solves these problems

Case (1) Soldering aluminum

Before adoption Bonding with silver paste requires a drying process, and ACF (anisotropic conductive film) is expensive.
After adoption Simplified mass production process and reduced the material cost.

Case (2) Fixing prism

Before adoption Adhesives have been used to fix prisms in single-lens reflex cameras. Yet, there was a problem that the prism moves due to shrinkage when the adhesive is cured . In addition, adhesives deteriorate over time, making it difficult to guarantee long-term quality.
After adoption By using a special solder Cerasolzer, stable fixing can be done quickly, and the absence of organic materials makes it possible to guarantee long-term quality.

Case (3) Bonding Fiber Optic Ferrules

Before adoption Fixed by adhesion. Environmental resistance is a concern due to aging.
After adoption Strong fixation, not affected by aging.

Case (4) Soldering superconducting wires for MRI

Before adoption Cannot solder.
After adoption Ultrasonic soldering made soldering possible.

Solderable material

Compatible with low-solderability materials, such as glass, ceramic, stainless steel, and superconductor wire.
For details, please refer to “Solderable material list“.

Solderable material list

Cerasolzer product line up

Model Melting point Wire diameter Unit Standard price(Tax excluded) Remarks
Cerasolzer#186 186℃ 1.6φ 150g JPY8,000(Tax excluded) Pb-based
Cerasolzer#186 186℃ 1.0φ 1Kg JPY30,700(Tax excluded) Pb-based
Cerasolzer#186 186℃ 1.6φ 1Kg JPY30,700(Tax excluded) Pb-based
Cerasolzer#297 297℃ 1.6φ 150g JPY6,700(Tax excluded) Pb-based
Cerasolzer Eco#155 155℃ 1.0φ 150g JPY37,300(Tax excluded) Pb-free
Cerasolzer Eco#182 182℃ 1.0φ 150g JPY28,000(Tax excluded) Pb-free
Cerasolzer Eco#217 217℃ 1.0φ 1Kg JPY34,700(Tax excluded) Pb-free

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