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Komura-Tech Co., Ltd.

Komura-Tech Co., Ltd.


Message from the Managing Director

Our company policy can be summed up by three keywords:
“Life”, “Freedom”, and “Creativity”,
our motto being “A manufacturer’s duty is to
seek further value in his work”.

“Life” represents positive and active approach towards all types of society and environment-related activity.
“Freedom” represents independence of our employees to demonstrate their unique abilities.
“Creativity” represents constant need to better oneself, and discover new areas of knowledge and expertise.

Managing Director – Hiroyuki Takai

Our company was established 13 years ago.
The reason of our separating from Kuroda Electric was to have our voice heard in the midst of high-tech industry and soldering technology, and to try our own strength in this highly competitive field.
Since the beginning, we keep in mind the ideals of "Life", :Freedom", and "Creativity",
and our slogan of "A manufacturer’s duty is to seek further value in his work".
To stay true to these ideals, we employ a chain of suppliers and partners from Japan and overseas,
attempting to keep our leading position as precise assembly device manufacturer.
We also managed to introduce new ultrasonic technology, widely used in solar industry all around the world.
Our goal is to keep up good relations with our customers, fulfilling mutual curiosity for new technological solutions, and stay on top of the ever changing business field by developing new products for new applications.

We believe that we managed to put the proverbial penny in the pot of new technological break-throughs.
However, this is all but a beginning of the journey.
We hope to continue our quest for constant innovations, keeping in mind our policy and keywords, strengthening our position in the market and setting new challenges for ourselves.
We hope to be able to receive continuous support from our customers.


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Komura-Tech Co., Ltd.


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