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Ultrasonic soldering iron Sunbonder USM-528


Sunbonder is your best choice for flux free, high quality ultrasonic soldering.
In the past, flux and heating were the typical methods to be used for soldering, but Sunbonder introduces a new type of soldering, based on heat and ultrasonic vibrations. Combination of flux and heating is the typical part of the standard soldering process. Flux as a strong chemical agent for cleaning soldered surfaces generates harmful fumes and requires additional post-process of cleaning. Sunbonder introduces a new type of soldering , ultrasonic soldering, based on heat and ultrasonic vibrations.

Ultrasonic soldering method cleans the soldered surface mechanically by cavitation effect induced by ultrasonic vibrations. Ultrasonic soldering does not use flux, and thus generates no fumes and eliminates cleaning process or any environmental pollution.
By combining this device with Cerasolzer, the customer can solder on glass, ceramics, aluminum, molybdenum etc., without using any organic substances.

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Sunbonder USM-528 is one of the USM-5 series.

USM-528 model is equipped with a 50 mm x 10 mm soldering tip, which enables work on an even greater area than with other devices from the same series.
We recommend this model for customers who wish to use a soldering tip bigger than that of USM-540 (dia10.0mm).
Best solution for sputtering target materials and other large scale soldering.

  • Oscillator output power reaches 70W even with high stress load.
  • Two oscillator power switches: foot switch and standard hand switch.
  • Thanks to automatic frequency adjusting, changes in power load occurring during soldering do not affect the overall reliability of the bonded solder.
  • By constant monitoring of soldering tip temperature, fast adjustments and increasing of solder temperature are possible.
  • Standarized temperature and oscillation output power. Temperature and oscillation can be controlled via LAN network.
  • Small, compact design enables easy changes of working station.

USM-528 is the next generation of USM-28. (The older model has already been decommissioned, although we still supply spare parts and continue maintenance support.)
We also sell individual parts.


  • For soldering on sputtering targets etc.

Image: Comparison of soldering tips for all USM-5 series models

USM-560 USM-540 USM-528

Contents of the set

  • USM-528 Generator unit - 1 pcs
  • Soldering iron (with transducer) for USM-528 - 1 pcs
  • Connecting cable for USM-528 - 1 pcs
  • Foot switch for USM-528 - 1 pcs
  • Power supply cable for USM-528 - 1 pcs
  • Fuses - 2 pcs
  • User manual

Lead time / Before ordering

Lead time

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Order specification

To become eligible for our customer service / quality protection scheme, please provide us with the following information upon placing your order:
End customer name/address; desired frequency settings; desired plug details.


Generator unit

Ultrasonic frequency Automatically adjusted frequency; typically 28KHz±5KHz
Ultrasonic oscillator output power 12W (without load); 70W (under heavy load/stress)
Heater temperature control Adjusted by microcomputer; 200~400℃ by 10℃ unit
Oscillator adjustment 1~12W, by 0.1W unit
Power supply AC100V/240V ±5% 50/60Hz 400VA (under maximum stress load)
Size 260×320×140(cm)
Weight About 10kg

Soldering iron

Transducer Bolt tightening Langevin type 28 kHz
Iron base material Strong titanium alloy
Heater High-performance sheathed heater 65W
Transducer cooling method Cooling by micro-fan (cold air)
Size dia56mm(max)×300mm (without the cord)
Weight About 1 kg

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