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Ultrasonic soldering machine


Automated soldering systems were designed to solder electrodes on printed boards and small components. They were also specifically designed to solder glass, aluminum, stainless substrate without flux, by using our patented solder Cerasolzer.
It is also possible to create a glass fibre solder plating, and solder aluminum terminals.

Soldering tests may be performed on customer's samples.
Please feel free to ask us for more details.


  • Various work sizes and shapes - device custom made on demand.
  • Building up electrodes by soldering directly onto the printed board.
  • Glass fibre solder plating available.
  • Joining glass substrates without paste or flux.


  • Fibre components
  • Electronic components
  • Target materials
  • Aluminum wires
  • Alumite products
  • Organic EL
  • Solar cells (crystalline, thin film, chemical combination)


Pre-soldering device Dot soldering or line soldering
Ultrasonic soldering device Sunbonder USM-560, USM-540 and USM-528 for auto soldering machine
Other Alterations of design available on demand. Feel free to contact us for details.

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