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Soldering machine for TF solar cell electrodes


The purpose of this device is to solder electrodes (ribbons) on the surface of solar cell substrate.
The main focus point is soldering on glass substrates, bonding semiconductor cells (CIS, CIGS etc.) and soldering on amorphous silicon for thin film solar cells.
For soldering on glass and stainless boards (ITO, molybdenum etc.), please check out Cerasolzer, developed specifically for this purpose, and its accompanying ribbon material used for solar cells soldering - Ceraribbon.

We have samples available in stock to ship to the customer if necessary. We also encourage potential customers to visit us and witness the process in house.
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  • Low cost due to elimination of expensive metals such as silver and indium
  • No organic materials used - long lifetime and reliability
  • Oxide layer broken by ultrasonic vibrations: easy soldering and bonding
  • Order made device suitable for various PCB sizes (1x1 to 3x4)
  • Electrodes can be soldered on pre-soldered surfaces
  • Junction box lining (panel back side, terminals, T-bar)

Creating electrode lines on solar cells

Many leading solar industry companies have put their trust in our ultrasonic soldering technology.

We recommend Ceraribbon and Cerasolzer as a solution for creating electrodes by soldering.
Normal solder ribbon may separate from the substrate and damage the connection when used with Cerasolzer.

Comparison of electrode creation methods

Longevity and reliability
Reliable connection thanks to lack of organic materials
Low cost
Significant cost down thanks to eliminating silver and indium
  Silver paste Electroconductive film Utrasonic soldering
Contact resistance ★★ ★★★
Reliability ★★★
Heat resistance ★★ ★★ ★★★
Water resistance ★★★
Price ★★ ★★ ★★★
  • ★★★Excellent
  • ★★Good
  • ★Poor

Examples of application

  • CIS, CIGS materials
  • Amourphous silicon for thin film


Pre-soldering devices Point soldering or line soldering
Ribbon-bonding device Point bonding or line bonding
Ultrasonic soldering device For automatic Sunbonder USM-560, USM-540
Ribbon rewinding device Panel back side, T-bar, terminals
Other Feel free to ask about further details.

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