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Static ultrasonic soldering tank - KDB series


Molten solder is supplied with ultrasonic vibrations from the bottom of the solder tank. This device enables dip soldering of glass, ceramics and other substrates previously believed to be difficult to solder. It enables flux-free soldering, eliminating usage of flux and rendering cleaning process useless.
It is used for coating/soldering of aluminum, ceramic PCBs and outer surfaces of electric discharge tubes (electrodes, structures etc.)

Soldering tests may be performed on customer's samples.
Please feel free to ask us for more details.


  • Easy soldering upon un-bondable material (metal, glass, ceramics) by simple dipping process.
  • No need for flux
  • Reliable bonding/sealing
  • Best used in difficult, small-surface places with limited access


All types of coating solder

  • Aluminum components
  • Ferrite components
  • Glass components
  • Silicon wafers
  • Ceramic components
  • Semiconductor chips
  • Metals etc.

Multiple material soldering and sealing

  • Light fiber terminals
  • Glass tubes and lead lines (reed relays)
  • Ceramic tubes and lead lines (for sensors)

Pasting together multiple bonded materials

  • Sensors
  • Optical components
  • Spare parts for machines
  • JIGs


Power source AC100V(240V) 50/60Hz 800VA
Temperature Typically around 400 Celsius
Transducer Bolt tightening Langevin type 18-20 kHz
Generator unit Automatic frequency tracking; output 400W max
Supplied nitrogen gas Depending on application, max 30 l/min
Soldering tank size dia48mm (Could be chosen from between several size depending on the type of job)
Dimensions 370(W)×530(H)×300(D)mm

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