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Vertical jet-flow ultrasonic soldering tank - ACSS series - ACSS-KV


This device is a jet-flow ultrasonic soldering tank with ultrasonic vibrations applied vertically. Main application is for products that require soldering from below, or inside a tube-shaped structure. It enables flux-free soldering, eliminating excessive flux and rendering cleaning process useless.

Soldering tests may be performed on customer's samples.
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  • No need for flux
  • No harmful gases released: no need for fume exhaust system
  • No need to wash out the flux
  • It's possible to solder on aluminum
  • Highly precise soldering, no pin-holes
  • It's possible to solder inside tube-shaped structures - good solder flow


  • Soldering on the tips of sensors
  • Soldering on miniature PCBs
  • Pre-soldering for electronic/electric parts terminals
  • Relay socket pins soldering
  • All kinds of switch clasps, pre-soldering of electrodes
  • Aluminum, heat dispersion fin soldering


Power source 3-phase, 200V 50/60Hz 4KVA(max)
Transducer Bolt tightening Langevin type 18-20 kHz
Supplied nitrogen gas For soldering environment, max 60 l/min
Operational temperature Typically around 300 Celsius
Generator unit Automatic frequency tracking; output 600W max
  • (Above mentioned characteristics may be altered depending on the customer's needs.)

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