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Terms of use

Scope of agreement

Below mentioned terms of use apply to all information posted on this website.


  • All information, texts, photographs, illustrations and logos presented on this website are intellectual property of Kuroda Techno Co., Ltd. (hereafter abbreviated 'Kuroda Techno').
  • It is forbidden to copy, repost or distribute any and all information remaining under copyright the property of Kuroda Techno.
  • Infringement of said copyright may result with court prosecution of its violator.

Regarding links

Linking this website on outside domains is possible, with exception of the following:

  • Sites disrupting public order an morality, and aiming to destroy Kuroda Techno's reputation or the good image of its products.
  • Sites remaining in conflict with state law or displaying unlawful intent.
  • Sites claiming to be in any way related to Kuroda Techno without any actual connection existing.
  • Other sites which Kuroda Techno finds unsuitable.

Exclusion of liability

  • Kuroda Techno is not responsible for contents displayed on any outside domains having linked this website in its entirety, or any part of it.
  • Accuracy or applicability of information displayed on this website is to be judged by its users according to their own experience and expectations.
  • Contents displayed on this website are subject to change and should be treated mostly in informative capacity.

Contact us

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Established on 01.04.2013

Kuroda Techno Co., Ltd., Representative Director Makoto Gonda

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